I am currently a third year PhD student at the UC Berkeley School of Information. I study education, inequality, information systems, and culture, formally and informally. I am a Fellow with the Center for Technology, Society, and Policy and a Research Grantee of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity on several collaborative projects.

I am interested generally in education, social justice, and social movements, particularly: how education functions in our society, how people learn best, how students’ experiences with educational environments do (and don’t) meet their needs, how different forms of teaching and learning influence educational outcomes, strategies for dismantling and resisting unjust systems, cultivating participatory and collaborative approaches to projects, and the role of digital technologies and the internet in all of these areas.

Previously, I worked as the Program Manager at the Barnard Center for Research on Women, where I produced events and materials around social justice feminism. Before that, I was a project director at the Participatory Culture Foundation, and before that, a student at Brown University studying English Literature and cultural theory with a focus on gender and sexuality. You can find out more about my professional and educational background at my LinkedIn Profile.